Dyslexia Testing

Yesterday we got the results of Jess’s dyslexia testing (GL assessment). This showed that she may not have dyslexia but we will need to wait for another 12 months so she can be tested again. 12 months is a long time to wait for a child who is already over 18 months behind with her work.

The ‘test’ showed that she has a lot of problems with numbers and single word spelling. We did already know this of course but we still think she could be dyslexic as the problems are quite severe especially where numbers are concerned. As today is the last day of term we are going to show her what home education will be like by giving her work to do over the next 9 days.  Abbie has agreed to work as well to see if Jess will actually work and if I can manage to deal with 2 of them.

If by the end of the half term she seems to be enjoying it and actually working we are going to make a final decision on her joining her sister at home.


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