Trying To Find A Balance

I’ve always had problem with finding a balance between the house, work, children (and my husband). But, since starting the home educating there’s even more to juggle now.

I’m lucky that I can work (to a certain extent) when I want as I’m self employed. My work away from home is normally evenings and weekends, but I also work online as well. The online work can be done when I’m not ‘needed’ for help with ‘school’ work.

I’m also looking at starting doing a course which will help me with a new job in the future. This will mean finding a few hours to myself each day.

As the child I home educate is 10 and quite able, I can, on the whole, leave her to work. Although this sometimes doesn’t work as well if I am in a different room. and she is doing online work as she gets sidetracked and quite often ends up on games.

Her younger sister is more of a problem. She wants, she thinks, to be home educated as well. But, she doesn’t want to actually work. With decided to do a trial during the school holidays to see if she would do the work. This, again, hasn’t quite worked out. She needs watching every minute of the day. If you leave her alone she stops working.

We have (all) decided that the younger one will go back to school in September but we will carry on working with her after school and weekends. If she can show that she wants to learn we will consider taking her out after the October half term.

I suppose all we can do at the moment is carry on as we are and hope that things slot into a routine by their self.